If you are a researcher, a higher education teacher and a higher education assistant and want to do research or educational work in the field of higher education in Slovenia, a temporary residence permit may be issued to you. When submitting an application, you must have a hosting agreement with a research organisation or a higher education institution in Slovenia. You may submit an application yourself or it may be submitted by the research organisation or higher education institution where you will work. If you already reside legally in Slovenia and have a hosting agreement, you may submit an application for the first permit here – it is necessary to submit it before the expiry of your permitted residence.

If you have a permit issued in another EU country and want to reside in Slovenia up to 90 days due to the implementation of certain works in the hosting agreement, you may enter the country and reside here on the basis of a permit already issued from another EU country.

You do not need to file a new application for a permit in Slovenia, unless you want to reside here for more than 90 days – in this case, you must be careful to submit the application before the expiry of the permitted 90-day residence.