As a working father, you are entitled to paternity leave of 30 calendar days (irrespective of the number of children born at the same time). You must use the first 15 days of leave within six months of the child’s birth (or these days will lapse) whereas the next 15 days may be used after the mother’s parental leave has ended, yet by the end of the child’s first grade in elementary school at the latest.

The right to paternity leave is the right of the father and, as such, it is not transferable.

The right to paternity leave shall be sought from the social work centre where the mother sought the right to maternity leave or by which the mother was granted maternity leave. You may seek the right 30 days before your expected beginning of paternity leave or 60 before the estimated birth date (based on a notice by the gynaecologist). Further, you must notify your employer of your intention to take paternity leave at least 30 days before you actually do so.

For detailed information please contact your closest social work centre.