Recognition of education is the procedure by which the holder of a foreign document is granted the right to further education in the Republic of Slovenia. It is initiated by a request submitted to the ENIC-NARIC Centre of Slovenia. It takes approximately two months for the procedure to be completed. You will be requested to submit the relevant documentation, and the costs are covered by the Office.

The costs related to the recognition of diplomas, certificates and other evidence of formal qualifications from your home country are covered by the Office.

If you are without your own means of subsistence or other means of livelihood and have signed the Integration Agreement, the costs of translations of foreign diplomas, certificates and other evidence of formal qualifications needed to perform the recognition and assessment procedures shall be covered by the Office for the period of one year from the date the Agreement was signed. The Office shall also cover the aforementioned costs if the person is unable to provide evidence of formal education. If you have attended at least 80% of the Slovenian language course classes and courses on Slovenian society, and have been interviewed by an integration advisor at least once a month, your right to have the costs covered shall be extended for a period of one year.

A person granted international protection who is unable to provide documentary evidence of formal education shall be allowed to enrol in the first year of a first-level higher education programme on the basis of a certificate of successful completion of a knowledge test issued by the RIC, and after successful completion of a special talent examination and psychophysical aptitude test, if required by the study programme.

The knowledge test is to be taken in February and June examination periods.