A civil union is a life community of two women or two men in which the partners are equal. Such union has almost entirely the same legal consequences in all areas of law as a marriage.

If you intend to register a same-sex partnership, register with your partner at the administrative unit where you wish to complete the registration at least 30 days prior to the intended registration. You must submit:

  • an extract from the register of births,
  • proof of citizenship and residence,
  • proof by the competent foreign authority that there are no reservations regarding registering a partnership, or that you are unmarried and not in a registered partnership.

The documents must not be older than six months, with the exception of documents issued in countries where the extract is normally issued only once, and only proves an individual fact in the register, but not the personal status of the person registered.

If the conditions are fulfilled, the partners simultaneously and in person swear before an official appointed by the head of the administrative unit and also make a written statement declaring that they wish to register their partnership. The union is registered on the day this statement is signed.