A vehicle, whether new or old, may be registered at any registration organisation in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. Registration organisations  are:

  • administrative units;
  • professional organisations performing technical inspections of motor vehicles and their trailers, or identification and assessment of the technical condition of vehicles, and
  • legal entities and sole proprietors who are registered for the activity of vehicle sales and are authorised by the agency for the registration of vehicles.

For a registered vehicle, a registration certificate is issued, as well as registration plates in the prescribed number. Registration plates are linked to the vehicle for which they are issued. Registration plates with a selected part of the marking are tied to the owner of the vehicle.

To register a vehicle it is necessary to submit the following proofs:

  • proof of the origin and ownership of the vehicle or of individual parts of the vehicle that were additionally installed, if, due to such subsequent installation, the vehicle data entered in the registration certificate (e.g. chassis, engine) changed;
  • Certificate of Conformity or consent to registration;
  • proof of motor vehicle liability insurance;
  • proof of paid annual fee for the use of vehicles in road traffic;
  • proof of the technical inspection of the vehicle, which must not be older than 30 days, except for vehicles for which, in accordance with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act technical inspection is not mandatory;
  • proof of payment of prescribed fees and other obligations;
  • proof of the identity (for natural persons, a valid document equipped with a photograph issued by a state body, and for legal entities, proof of the registration of the legal entity and the authorisation of the legal representative of the legal entity);
  • consent of the user of the vehicle, where applicable (e.g. the owner of the vehicle does not have the appropriate driving license);
  • driving licence of the vehicle user if the data on the validity of a driving license for the category of the vehicle to be registered cannot be obtained from official records;
  • evidence required under other regulations (e.g. taxes, customs, etc.).

In addition, it is necessary to submit for:

  • the registration of a used vehicle last registered in the Republic of Slovenia,
  • the last Slovenian registration certificate if the vehicle was registered in the Republic of Slovenia, and all evidence of the change of ownership of the vehicle since the last registration of the vehicle (for example, a certified sales contract or a vehicle purchase receipt);
  • the registration of a vehicle purchased abroad (EU and third countries)
  • the last foreign registration certificate or other relevant document which is proof of ownership of the vehicle under the regulations of the foreign country in which the vehicle was last registered if it was not registered in the Republic of Slovenia;

Any change regarding data in a registration certificate (e.g. technical change, change of ownership, residence or headquarters) must be reported to the registration organisation within 15 days. When reporting the change, the owner of the registered vehicle must enclose the documents that prove the change.

More information on registrations, fees and everything related to vehicle registration can be found on the website of eUprava and of the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency (web pages are only available in the Slovenian language).