You are entitled to public funds if your income does not exceed the statutory income limit for individual rights to public funds, while at the same time meeting the other criteria provided for in the regulations governing individual rights. Rights to public funds are cash benefits and subsidies (e.g. for school meals) and reduced payment (e.g. of kindergarten fee).

All rights to public funds are to be claimed at Social Work Centres (SWC) and no longer at schools, carriers, or with the municipalities. These rights to cash benefits, subsidies or reduced payments are exercised using a statutory single application form. The application form can be found on the websites of SWC‘s and that of the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs (SLO), the e-government portal (SLO) and in in book stores.

You can lodge your application with the Social Work Centre nearest to where you have permanent residence or where you mostly reside (in cases where you have permanent and temporary residences at different addresses) in person, by regular post or by email on the e-government portal e-uprava.