If you are granted international protection, you have the right to:

  1. obtain information on the status, rights and obligations of persons granted international protection in the Republic of Slovenia,
  2. reside in the Republic of Slovenia,
  3. healthcare,
  4. social protection,
  5. education,
  6. employment and work,
  7. assistance with integration into the social environment.

If you have been granted international protection and if you have signed the Integration Agreement as referred to in Article 90b of this Act within one month of being granted this status, you are entitled to:

  1. get accommodation in an integration house or other accommodation facilities of the Office,
  2. get financial allowance for private accommodation,
  3. attend a course on Slovenian society,
  4. attend a Slovenian language course,
  5. take a Slovenian language test (once),
  6. have other education-related expenses covered,
  7. receive a payment for translation costs related to the recognition and assessment of education on the basis of appropriate evidence,
  8. receive a payment for the costs associated with the recognition and assessment of education when formal education cannot be proven through documentary evidence.

A person granted international protection shall keep the authorities responsible for providing assistance in their integration process informed of any changes affecting the exercise of their rights and the performance of their duties, in particular:

– income and other benefits, or the loss of them, namely with regard to themselves, their family members and their dependants,

– completed procedures for recognition and assessment of education,

– tests to prove formal education,

– the Slovenian language proficiency test,

– education at all levels

– employment or termination of employment,

– change of address,

– change of contact details,

– change of personal name,

– change of marital status,

– absence from the Republic of Slovenia for more than 90 days,

– acquisition of a new citizenship other than the citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia.

The above changes are to be reported within 8 days of the date on which they occurred or came to your attention.

Your rights and obligations are set out in detail in the International Protection Act and the Regulation on the Methods and Conditions for Ensuring the Rights of Persons with International Protection. Both legal acts are only available in the Slovenian language.