In the exercise of social security rights, persons granted international protection are equal with the citizens of the Republic of Slovenia. If you are a person granted international protection who does not have their own means of subsistence or subsistence is not provided to you in any other way, you are eligible for financial social assistance. At the social work centre, in addition to financial social assistance, you can also apply for various subsidies (e.g. for reduced payment of snack for school-age children) and reduced fees (e.g. fees for kindergarten).

More information and application forms for exercising rights from public funds are available at

The list and contacts of the centres

You can apply for the above-mentioned rights at the locally competent social work centre with a single application for the exercise of rights from public funds, subsidies or reduced payments. You must report any changes that may affect your receiving financial benefits (for example, if you have been employed) to the social work centre.