Health insurance provides adequate health and social security during illness or injury as it covers the associated costs.

In the Republic of Slovenia, we have compulsory and voluntary health insurance.

The Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (i.e. Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije) conducts its business as a public institute, bound by statute to provide compulsory health insurance, whose principal task is to provide effective collection and distribution of public funds.

Special consideration needs to be addressed when dealing with The Extent of Rights Deriving from Compulsory Health Insurance. This means that the compulsory health insurance “covers” most health-related risks, however, not necessarily all of them and neither in full. The balance is either to be paid by the insured person, or, alternatively, the insured person can take out a supplementary insurance policy of copayment.

Foreigners who are not included in health insurance in the Republic of Slovenia have the right to emergency or necessary health-care services for which payment is provided in accordance with the European legal order, international agreements or from the state budget.

More information

If you do not have health insurance and you are in need of basic health care, you can contact an out-patient clinic for people without health insurance.