Before enrolling your children in primary school, you may enrol them in nursery school. A nursery school is an educational institution that carries out pre-school education; enrolment is not mandatory. Pre-school education may be carried out by private and public nursery schools.

Pre-school education in nursery schools takes place in two age groups:

  • first age group: children aged from one to three years,
  • second age group: children from the age of three to the entry to school.

The language of instruction in nursery schools is usually Slovenian.

Nursery schools can be attended by children who have reached 11 months of age, and they can attend until they start school. Pre-school education is provided by municipalities, which is one of their basic tasks – that is why municipalities establish and finance nursery schools; however, in choosing a nursery school, parents are not limited to those in the municipality of permanent or temporary residence, but you can choose a nursery school in any municipality.

Enrolment in nursery school is generally in March; in some areas, it starts and ends already in February. It is best to find out about the deadlines for enrolment at a nursery school where you want to enrol your child. A nursery school application is prepared separately by each school, so you need to find it on the website of the nursery school you have selected or visit a reception office, where all the procedures and deadlines will be explained to you. The application also contains a list of certificates that you must enclose.

Parents must normally pay at least part of the cost of pre-school education. The service is paid monthly. The cost of nursery school depends on several factors:

  • age group,
  • type of programme (half-day, day or shortened programme),
  • public or private nursery school,
  • municipality where the nursery school is located.

If you are not a taxpayer in the Republic of Slovenia, you must pay the full price of the service. Taxpayers may claim various subsidies or reduced payment. For more information, please contact your chosen nursery school and a local social work centre.