You may obtain a residence permit for study purposes if you are accepted on a course, other forms of education, specialisation, professional training, practical training, or if you plan to participate in an international study exchange in appropriate educational institutions in Slovenia or in educational programmes of international exchanges of volunteers, which you demonstrate by providing appropriate evidence or certificates.

You must also fulfill all the other conditions (sufficient funds, health insurance, a certificate of impunity, a valid passport). If your parents or legal representatives are required to support you according to the law of your country, providing their written declaration that they will support you during your studies is sufficient evidence on fulfilling the condition of sufficient means of subsistence.

During the validity of the permit for study purposes, you may do student work in Slovenia or get a job.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: You may apply for the first permit for study purposes in Slovenia if you already legally reside here and if you can submit evidence of enrolment – you must submit an application before the expiry of the permitted legal residence.

Which is the appropriate educational institution?

If you are enrolled in a course, both the relevant educational institution and state-approved study programme must be accredited in Slovenia.

If you are enrolled in a supplementary study programme, both the institution and the supplementary programme must be accredited.

You can read more about enrolment in the study programme HERE.