When you plan to marry, register with your partner at the registrar at the administrative unit in the area where you want to marry.

To marry in the Republic of Slovenia you need:

  • an extract from the register of births from your place of birth, which may not be older than six months,
  • information on witnesses to the marriage,
  • confirmation that you are unmarried,
  • confirmation from the country of your citizenship that there are no impediments to marrying abroad (the latter two certificates may also be combined into one),
  • proof of citizenship (travel document).

Foreign documents may be used in the Republic of Slovenia if, after prior certifications in the country of origin, they are certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia or by a diplomatic and consular representation of the Republic of Slovenia abroad, unless otherwise stipulated in an international agreement. More information can also be found on the web portal eUprava.

Ask at the administrative unit in which locations lawful marriages may be conducted.