If you intend to work or be employed in Slovenia, you must obtain a single residence and work permit with which you can enter the country and reside here and work or be employed in the country.

An application to obtain a permit may be submitted by you or your employer. You both also have the possibility of applying for an extension of the permit. You apply abroad for the first permit, and your employer can apply in Slovenia. In special cases, you can apply for the first permit in Slovenia (clarification at special circumstances).

A first permit will be issued for the duration of the contract, but not for more than one year. Upon meeting the conditions, the permit may be extended for a maximum of two years (even if you have an employment or work contract concluded for several years).

During the validity of the permit, you can change your workplace with the same employer, change employers, or be employed by two or more employers – for this you do not need to change your permit, but you or your employer must file an application at the administrative unit.

When you submit an application to obtain or extend a permit, you will receive a certificate which applies as a temporary residence permit. If you receive the certificate for the first time (for the issue of the first permit), you cannot work or be employed on this basis yet. If you receive the certificate due to extending the permit or requesting a further permit, you can already work in Slovenia or be employed if you have previously already been employed or have worked.


In special cases, your first residence in Slovenia for employment or work can be arranged in Slovenia, and you do not need to apply abroad to obtain the first permit for employment or work.

You can apply in Slovenia if you already legally reside here and you are:

  • a sports coach, a professional athlete or a private sports worker who is already registered in the register of professional athletes or a record of private sports workers and has an employment contract or a contract of work with a club or a sports organisation with headquarters in Slovenia,
  • a person who intends to enter the priesthood or pursue a monastic activity within a registered religious community in Slovenia, or a person who will organise or conduct a charitable and humanitarian activity within a recognised humanitarian organisation or a registered religious community, and you submit a certificate from a registered religious community on pursuing activities in that community or a certificate from a recognised humanitarian organisation on organising or managing charitable and humanitarian activities in this organisation,
  • a reporter for foreign media or a foreign correspondent who is already accredited in Slovenia or is in the process of extending accreditation,
  • a person who, on the basis of the submission of the opinion of the competent ministry, demonstrates the existence of an economic interest in Slovenia,
  • a person who, on the basis of the submission of the opinion of the competent ministry, demonstrates the existence of the interest of Slovenia in education, science and culture.

!! You must be sure to submit the application in Slovenia before the expiry of the valid legal residence (before the expiry of the allowed 90-day residence or expiry of a visa).