Primary education in the Republic of Slovenia is compulsory, free-of-charge, and it lasts for the period of nine years. Schooling is compulsory for children who have turned 6. If you have signed the Integration Agreement, you are assisted in school enrolment by your integration advisor; when visiting a primary school of your own choice, you shall be accompanied by your advisor and an interpreter.

Recipients of child benefit no longer need to apply for a meal subsidy, as schools will take into account the information contained in the current child benefit decision. The mid-day meal subsidy is granted for the period of one school year. Textbooks can be borrowed free of charge from the textbook fund at your child’s school and returned at the end of the school year.

If you are without your own means of subsistence or other means of livelihood and you have signed the Integration Agreement, the Office shall cover your other costs related to attending a regular adult education programme and primary school, namely for the period of two years from the date you are granted international protection status. Other costs are considered costs related to sports, cultural and natural science days, school in nature and professional excursions within the compulsory programme, working equipment and tools for practical training.  Other costs do not include the purchase of monthly tickets for city or intercity transport – the only exception being unaccompanied minors enrolled in a regular education programme or those attending elementary school for adults.