Primary education in the Republic of Slovenia is compulsory and free; it lasts for nine years, and children are enrolled in school at the age of six. You are assisted in the enrolment process by your integration consultant, who goes with you and a translator to a selected primary school.

Recipients of child benefit are no longer required to submit an application for a subsidy for a snack, since schools will take into account the data in the current decision on child benefit. A snack subsidy is granted for a period of one school year. Textbooks may be obtained from a textbook fund at a school attended by your child, while workbooks and supplies related to sports, cultural and natural science days, school field trips, and excursions under the compulsory programme, work equipment and practical training tools will be provided to you by the Office for three years from the acquisition of the status. Other costs do not include the cost of purchasing monthly tickets for city or long distance traffic, except for unaccompanied minors included in the regular education programme or primary school for adults.