Certificate of the application submission

Once you have submitted your application, you will be issued a certificate by the administrative unit, and such certificate will be considered a temporary residence permit allowing you to stay in Slovenia until the final decision on your application is taken. If you had been previously employed or had been working under a single permit, the certificate shall allow you to continue working or remain employed (until the final decision on your application is made).

ATTENTION: If you are subject to a visa requirement, you are advised not to leave Slovenia while your application is pending (from the expiry of your previously valid permit until the decision on your application is made), as you will need a visa to re-enter Slovenia.

If you are not required to provide a visa to enter Slovenia, if you are a daily migrant worker, you can use this certificate to enter Slovenia for the purpose due to which you have applied for an extension or issue of a further temporary residence permit.

EXAMPLE: You need a visa or residence permit to enter Slovenia. You were granted a permit and, after a year of stay, you submitted a timely application for an extension of permit and were issued a certificate of your timely application. You decide to travel back to your home country, however, in the meantime your permit has expired. You may not be able to enter Slovenia on the basis of the certificate, even though you were granted the extension and issued a new permit in Slovenia, which, however, had not yet been served on you. You may need to obtain a visa to enter Slovenia or reapply abroad for your first residence permit.