When you file an application, the administrative unit will issue a certificate that is valid as a temporary residence permit, on the basis of which you can reside in Slovenia until the decision on the application. In specific cases of previous work and employment, you can also work or be employed on the basis of this certificate.

WARNING: The certificate does not allow you to cross the border!

EXAMPLE: You need a visa or residence permit to enter Slovenia. You have obtained a permit and, after a year’s stay, you have applied in time to renew your permit and have been issued with a certificate of a submitted application. You travel back to your home country, but in the meantime your permit expires. You cannot enter Slovenia on the basis of the certificate, even though the extension has been granted and a new permit has been issued to you in Slovenia but not yet served on you. To enter Slovenia, you will need to obtain a visa or reapply abroad for your first residence permit.