Regular and sufficient means are limited, and are equal in amount to the basic amount of the minimum income in Slovenia. The amount is adjusted to the consumer price index and is published HERE.

Means must be sufficient for the period of residence in Slovenia.

Example: if you are filing an application for residence in Slovenia for nine months, you must provide proof showing that you have sufficient funds ensured for all nine months.

If you are going to work or be employed in Slovenia, you can demonstrate sufficient funds through a contract of employment or a proposal for an employment contract that records the content of the employment contract with the rights and obligations deriving from it (also payment) – your signature on the proposal is not required, but must be signed by the employer.

If an extension of the residence  and work permit (single permit) is applied for, sufficient funds are proved with a salary agreed with a contract of employment, salary compensation, reimbursement of work-related expenses, bonuses and annual leave allowance. Regular and sufficient funds are shown with payment lists (payrolls) for the past six months and for the month in which the application is submitted or a month before the competent authority decides on the application.

In order to demonstrate that you have sufficient resources to support yourself during the procedure of issuing the first temporary residence permit, the procedure of extending and renewing the temporary residence permit, and the procedure of issuing the permanent residence permit, you are requested to submit the following supporting documents: employment contract, job or work-related resources, employment rights (salary, compensation for salary; annual leave allowance; Christmas bonus; 13th salary; jubilee bonuses, retirement allowances, and solidarity grants); salary specified in the employment contract, and compensation for salary. Except in the case of an application for the first residence permit, sufficient resources may also be demonstrated by means of pay slips for the previous six months and for the month in which the application is lodged, or pay slips for salaries received prior to the decision-making date when the competent authority brought its final decision on the application.

Benefits which the foreigner is eligible to receive under the law governing family benefits, and benefits that the foreigner is entitled to receive under the law governing recourse to public funds shall not be taken into account, except in the case of parental care insurance (e.g. maternity, paternity, and compensation for parenthood), partial payment for loss of income and compensatory supplement. Besides, the following payments shall not be taken into account as well: reimbursements of work-related expenses such as meal allowances, travel costs, and reimbursement of expenses incurred by a staff member while performing certain duties and tasks on a business trip.

In the case of family unification, the amount of necessary means for you and your family members is determined differently; more information on this is available HERE.

Foreigners who apply for the issuance or renewal of a residence permit for the purpose of study may, in addition to the above-mentioned sources, prove sufficient means of subsistence by means of a statement from their parents, if the parents are obliged to maintain the child under the law of the country of which the foreigner is a citizen.