Health insurance in the Republic of Slovenia is divided into compulsory and supplementary or voluntary insurance.

Persons granted international protection are compulsorily insured on this basis if they do not have compulsorily insurance on a different basis. If you are a recipient of financial social assistance, you may claim at the social work centre the right to the coverage of the difference to the full value of health services, to which you are entitled to the maximum for the period for which you are granted financial social assistance.

You will be registered in the health insurance system by the Office immediately after acquiring the status of international protection and you will receive a health card in about two weeks. If you lose your card or if it is stolen, inform your nearest regional unit of the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia as soon as possible.

You must communicate any changes (such as obtaining or losing a job) to your integration consultant as soon as possible. Registration, cancellation of registration and any changes must be notified immediately to the Health Insurance Institute due to changes in the basis of insurance.

Your health care in the Republic of Slovenia is arranged as follows: after leaving the accommodation centre, you go with a volunteer who helps you arrange initial procedures to a local health centre where you choose a personal doctor and a dentist, and if necessary also a paediatrician (if you have a child) and a gynaecologist (for all women). You are entitled to all health services: to see a doctor, dentist and various specialists, receive medicines, hospital treatment and operations; for some services it is sometimes necessary to pay an additional sum. When seeing a doctor, you must always have a health card.

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