Learning the Slovenian language is the first step towards integration into Slovenian society. If you have signed the Integration Agreement, you will be referred to a language school where you are entitled to a 400-hour Slovenian language course. The costs of the course and transportation to the language school are covered by the Office.

If you are over 65, illiterate or if you are a person with special needs, the Office shall provide you with an adapted programme to help you acquire the Slovenian language skills you need to communicate in everyday life. If you are employed and are unable to attend the course regularly due to your work schedule, some of the classes can be delivered in other formats by using modern technologies.

At the end of the course, you can take a Slovenian language proficiency exam offered by authorised exam centres. You are to apply for a referral needed to sit for the Slovenian language proficiency test, and such application is to be submitted to the Office which shall also cover the costs of the first test.