The adequate health insurance is that:

  • Compulsory Health Insurance (for employed persons in Slovenia) or
  • arranged on the basis of international Social Security Insurance Agreement (Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia) or other international agreement (Australia) or
  • proved by valid EU Health Insurance Card or
  • health insurance that applies in the territory of Slovenia, covers at least emergency medical service and is valid for the time from the filing of the application to the end of the intended stay in Slovenia or until the beginning of the work (if your purpose of stay is to be employed or work).

The administrative unit does not check the amount of the insurance sum of the health insurance.

In the event that the purpose of your stay in Slovenia is employment or work, the employer must use the M-1 form and register you in compulsory social security, part of which is also a health insurance. The employer is obliged to do this on the day of entering into work under the employment contract. For an intermediate time, during your arrival in Slovenia and the actual start of your work or employment, you must provide proof of adequate health insurance. Since it is impossible to predict your arrival in Slovenia and the actual start of work due to the decision-making process, proof of adequate health insurance is one of the conditions for issuing a residence permit (it must be enclosed with the application). The administrative unit verifies whether your insurance covers the use of at least emergency medical services in the territory of Slovenia, at least for the time until the planned start of work or employment.

Citizens of the state with whom Slovenia has an agreement on social insurance, prove adequate health insurance with the completed form Certificate of the right to health services during the temporary stay in the Republic of Slovenia (Potrdilo o pravici do zdravstvenih storitev med začasnim bivanjem v Republiki Sloveniji).

If you are already employed or already work in Slovenia, you (and also your family members who stay with you) are included in a compulsory health-care system covering emergengy and basic health-care services, which is sufficient for adequate health insurance (Compulsory Health Insurance). You can find more information on health insurance in Slovenia HERE.