Tertiary education comprises short-cycle higher education and professional higher education as well as university studies, which take place in public institutes: higher vocational colleges, universities, faculties, art academies, professional colleges and single higher education institutions. In Slovenia, there are universities in Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper and Nova Gorica.

A call for enrolment in higher education institutions is published in January. Information on vacancies and conditions can be obtained on the website of the Information on vacancies and conditions can be obtained on the websites of Short-Cycle Higher Education Application Service  and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship, European Union citizens, candidates who do not have Slovenian citizenship but are taxable residents of the Republic of Slovenia or one of their parents or guardians is a taxable resident at the time of their enrolment, can apply and study under the same conditions as citizens of the Republic of Slovenia.

More information on the short-cycle study enrolment procedure is available at the E-government portal.

Enrolment of third-country nationals in higher education

For third country nationals there are usually an additional five per cent of vacancies compared to the number of vacancies for Slovenian and EU citizens. Third-country nationals pay tuition fee for full time study unless:

  • it is determined otherwise by a bilateral or international agreement or contract;
  • you have a scholarship from the ministry responsible for education or an authorised provider of such a scholarship;
  • you are a student of an exchange programme of higher education institutions in the Lifelong Learning programme;
  • you are a foreign national with permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia and you, or your parents or guardians, are taxable persons in the Republic of Slovenia.

Tuition fees for part-time study should be paid by all foreign students

Enrolment of third-country nationals in short-cycle higher education

In the call for applications additional vacancies can be opened for nationals of the countries with which the Republic of Slovenia has a reciprocal education agreement, up to three per cent of vacancies available for  Enrolment in each individual programme.

Additional vacancies may be opened for foreigners for part-time study, up to 50 per cent of all vacancies available for each programme.