The legislation which contains all the rules and conditions for participation in road transport can be found on the website of the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Traffic Safety and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Violations of the provisions of the laws are punishable by a fine, a ban on driving a motor vehicle and penalty points. When you receive or exceed 18 penalty points, your driving license is cancelled. If this measure has been imposed on you for the first time, you may obtain a new driving license after six months.

The conditions for obtaining a new driving licence are:

  • participation in an additional training programme for safe driving or
  • participation in a rehabilitation programme (if you lost your driving license because of driving under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs etc.) and
  • retaking the driving test.

If you drive with a foreign driving license and receive or exceed 18 penalty points, you may be prohibited from driving with this licence in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia for a period of one year.

The Traffic Information Centre
collects information on state roads about the condition of state roads and traffic on them, and transmits this to the media and users of the national road network. On their website you find current information about road conditions, camera shots, information about congestion and other events. This information is especially welcome before embarking on a long journey and makes it easier for you to plan your route and thus helps you reach your destination more safely.

Information is also available by telephone: 1970.